Certified Mail solution for Mailhouses

The top rated Certified Mail solution for MailHouses 

We understand that mailhouses already have relationships with envelope vendors and purchase envelopes at wholesale prices. This also provides you with the ability to purchase envelopes that work best with your machine inserters. That is why we have a business model specifically geared for Mailhouses.

With SecureCertifiedMail, there are no contracts or monthly subscription fees. You simply source your own Certified Mail envelopes and pay a per transaction fee for each Certified that is processed through our solution.  Import a list of names and addresses from a file and print the barcodes on plain paper or export a file containing your original data along with the Certified Mail barcodes to merge on your own letter templates. We also have a robust API that can be used to process your list and obtain the Certified Mail barcodes. One transaction is deducted from your account for each Certified Mail barcode that is generated. Transactions can be purchased in various quantities and the cost per transaction decreases as you purchase higher volumes. Contact us today for a price quote!  

Key Benefits

No software to install and no subscription fees.  Simply login to our secure web based software to process and manage your Certified Mail from any computer at your office.

Save $1.25 in postage on every Certified Mail envelope you send by requesting a digital signature from the recipient. Generate USPS form 3877 firmbook report to obtain proof of mailing for legal requirements.

Searchable tracking screen with data archived for 7 years.  Receive real-time tracking emails when each Certified Mail letter is delivered.  Export data to Excel to track and manage expenses. 

Searchable tracking screen

Tracking and digital signatures are stored for 7 years

The tracking information and digital signatures associated with each of your customers accounts on SecureCertifiedMail.com are stored for 7 years. You can search for a specific mailpiece using any of the address fields, the tracking number, or a reference field that is alpha numeric.  

Certified Mail solution for MailHouses
How it works

Register a separate account on SecureCertifiedMail.com for each customer that you will be processing Certified Mail for

Registering an account is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.  The accounts are immediately ready for use and do not require any USPS gateway setup.

Send us the specs for the Certified Mail envelopes you will be using so we can customize the output for the window locations

Alterntively, you can export a file containing the information you imported along with the Certified Mail barcodes to merge onto your own letter templates.  We also have a robust API that can be used to obtain the Certified Mail barcodes for placement on your own letter templates.

Purchase a block of transactions within each account you will be using to process Certified Mail for your customers

Within each account, click the Purchase Supplies/Transactions button.  Select the Transactions Only option, enter the desired quantity, and submit your order.  The transaction balance will immediately be updated for the amount purchased. 

Technical support is availble via phone and email.  If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Certified Mail solution for MailHouses

Certified Mail software for MailHouses

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